Don't Buy Another Skin Cream Until You Read This

The toxic truth about what you’re putting on your face

Jessenia Barros

• Aug 03, 2019


Dr. Trevor Cates, a leading naturopathic doctor with 18 years of clinical experience, warns consumers on what to avoid on the labels of cosmetics, lotions and even skincare. These ingredients have been linked to a number of health concerns.

“There are so many toxins in our skincare products and we use, on average, 9 personal care products per day. That exposes us to [on average] 126 unique ingredients,” she warns.

But how does the cosmetics industry regulate the safety of its products?

In the US, the FDA oversees cosmetics. But unlike drugs (which must get approval before they can be sold), cosmetics do not. As a result, companies that use or sell unsafe ingredients usually only get in trouble if they get caught.

The cosmetics industry is an unregulated business. Although the FDA has banned some ingredients, there are still many ingredients on the labels that have not been tested safe. 

She warns consumers of the following ingredients:
- Fragrance.
A word that embraces undisclosed chemicals on product labels. This may cause irritation or allergies.
- Oxybenzone (benzophenone), octinoxate, and homosalate. These ingredients mimic hormones and pose a risk to the reproductive system.
- Triclosan and triclocarban. This is an antimicrobial ingredient that is an endocrine disruptor.

Oh, but there's more!

A survey of more than 2,300 people, conducted by EWG and a coalition of public interest and environmental health organizations, shows that the average adult uses 9 personal care products each day, with 126 unique chemical ingredients. 

Among the findings they concluded:

1 of every 5 adults are potentially exposed every day to all of the top seven carcinogenic impurities common to personal care product ingredients. 

In another study by the Herb Research Foundation, it was found that the skin absorbs up to 60 percent of the chemicals found in skincare. It even travels into the bloodstream.

We're talking a lot about Politics, but why are we not talking about this?

If the average adult uses 9 personal care products a day... Just imagine the harmful ingredients you absorb in one year of use!

But as history has shown in the past, were there is big interests, there are also many unchecked doors. 

The truth: the cosmetics industry is a booming business.

This year alone 2019, skincare products comprise the largest piece of the pie in the cosmetics industry.

By 2024, skincare products are expected to grow by 196 Billion Dollars.

But here’s what’s even more shocking.

The EU Banned 1328 Chemicals from Cosmetics but the US Banned Only 30 Known human carcinogens in US cosmetics.

Now if you’re saying to yourself, “no way is the U.S. that behind,” I totally understand because we did too.

As a way to combat the problems in the beauty industry, there seems to be an increased interest in organic beauty products over the last several years, but not all “natural” products are the same.

Not all "natural" products are created equal

The definition of "natural" can be a little murky in the beauty world. 

Everywhere you look, whether it’s on drugstore shelves or at fancy department store beauty counters, words like “natural,” “all-natural” and “organic” are everywhere. 

But not all-natural products are created the same. A product that claims to have fragrance or other hidden ingredients, is simply not "natural". Remember the word “fragrance” is often a keyword for “hidden ingredients” labeled under the fragrance umbrella.

Luckily for you, there are safe and effective alternatives without compromising your skin and your health.

One Florida startup that specially got our attention is called SomeoneLovesYou.

SomeoneLovesYou was born through the concept of self-love. Taking a purpose-driven approach, this small family business was born. Making a purpose focused brand did not necessarily mean it would be immediately be ringing sales bells in comparison to all the hip and trending health line, but their passion goes well beyond just the products. 

Knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, SomeoneLovesYou was founded with a mission. To deliver soothing products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly nourishing.

They ethically source the finest raw ingredients to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.

Every ingredient in their products has been selected because of the high quality and serves a specific therapeutic purpose. They do not use fillers of any kind. In other words, almost every ingredient used is an “active” ingredient and contributes to providing relief.

What makes SomeoneLovesYou so different?

Their products are infused with botanical and all-natural ingredients. Their star product is their Non-GMO and Food Grade All-Purpose Skin Cream.

A brand dedicated to women of all stages: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60+

ONLY FIVE INGREDIENTS (ALL NATURAL): Their All Purpose Skin Cream is infused with Honey and a blend of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil and Arrowroot. With its unique formula, this is a phenomenal healing balm with a unique mixture of all natural ingredients and it does about almost everything from moisturizing to healing skin inflammations.

This powerhouse cream can pretty much do it all. One jar can be used as:


5-in-1 Face & Body Cream

Relieves Dry or Damaged Skin

Sensitive or Irritated Skin

Acne Relief

Eczema & Psoriasis Relief

Fading scars

Healing burns and rashes


100% free from:


No Parabens

No Sulfates


No Alcohol

No Synthetic ingredients

No Additive

No colorants

So, how do you use this tub of goodness?

Simply scoop a tiny amount that is enough to cover your face. Apply evenly onto skin to experience the powerful ingredients from nature! 

Think of it this way. Honey and Aloe Vera on itself are powerful ingredients. When formulated right along with other organic ingredients, just imagine how much more effective it is! 

Amazing moisturizer

“This product is a serious miracle worker. I use it almost every single day. After cleansing my face at night, I slather it all over my face and neck. By the time I wake up in the morning, my skin is happily moisturized (no matter how dry it was the night before).”  —Kim Daniels

Fading Scars

"SomeoneLovesYou cream has been used to take away sting or burning sensation after minor burns including sunburn.”  —Alejandra Roberts

Eczema & Psoriasis Relief

“Scars from insect bites and accidents and generally drier skin than usual, the cream has helped to improve the overall situation a lot!” —Kathia Cambell

Acne Relief

“One day, when my eczema was getting really bad…I caved and thought, “Just get it…another balm won’t kill ya.” And so I did. It’s really a no nonsense, high quality, super effective balm that does a really job and keeping my eczema calm- in a toxin free way.” —Louisa Maldonado


This startup company is on a mission to change the conversation about what we put in our bodies. From their Love branding to their products, they stay true to their mission.  With a Food Grade formula and only 6 powerful ingredients, you simply cannot beat it.  If you want a safe and effective product made with love, we highly recommend SomeoneLovesYou.

They're also made right here in the USA.

Buy with confidence

You can buy with confidence that you are getting the genuine authentic product from the SomeoneLovesYou brand. We love it, and we know you will love it too.

If you want to expand your support to this small business, please share the love with family and friend :)

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